Can VigRx Plus Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Are you having difficulty getting an erection? Or keeping one long enough for satisfying sex? The medical term for this is erectile dysfunction and it’s an extremely frustrating problem for many men.

In fact, it’s estimated that half of all men over the age of 40 suffer from some kind of erectile dysfunction, so it’s pretty common.

At this point you basically have two options: taking a totally natural remedy such as VigRx Plus, or taking a pharmaceutical, prescription-strength medication.

I’ve tried both. And I’ll tell you which one I prefer. But first you should know exactly what VigRx Plus is.

It’s a daily supplement filled with vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids that basically increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in harder erections during intercourse.

You don’t need a prescription to buy VigRx Plus. And it’s very easy to purchase. Simply order it discreetly from the official website.

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Vigrx Plus

What Are The Pros and Cons of Pharmaceutical Medicines?

First of all, in order to purchase a synthetic, or man-made drug, you need to get a prescription from a doctor. Some men feel uncomfortable telling a doctor that they’re having problems getting and keeping an erection.

They’ll ask you lots of questions about your lifestyle choices: do you smoke, drink, exercise, eat right, etc… So it’s a bit of a process even getting your hands on a prescription for erectile dysfunction drugs.

Then there’s the price. If your health insurance doesn’t cover the cost, you’ll be spending quite a bit of money for those little blue pills. And even with insurance you only get 6 pills a month.


When you take a prescription pill, you have to wait about an hour before having sex, so you’ve got to plan ahead. Forget about spontaneous sex.

It’s frustrating when you and your partner are suddenly in the mood and you say, “OK, let me take a pill and I’ll be ready in an hour.”

Well, you might be ready but your partner might have lost that loving feeling!

On the plus side, pharmaceuticals can be pretty effective when it comes to giving you an erection. The effect lasts for about 3 or 4 hours and then wears off. So it doesn’t really cure erectile dysfunction—it’s just a temporary fix.

What About Side Effects?

My main problem with prescription medications, and I’m not the only one, are their negative side effects. This is why most men stop taking them.

For example, after taking a pill my nose gets so stopped up that I can’t breathe through it. This is because the chemicals in prescription drugs dilate blood vessels throughout the body, including those in the nose.

So if I take a pill at night I have a lot of trouble falling asleep because I can’t breathe through my nose.

Another annoying side effect is the facial flushing. The whites of my eyes also get red. Again, this is due to blood vessels dilating.

And these side effects can last a few hours.

So, if you take a pill, have sex, and then go out, your friends will says things like, “Wow, why is your face so red?” and “Why are your eyes so bloodshot?” I always felt very self-conscious going out after using a pharmaceutical erectile dysfunction drug.

Some other side effects that I experienced included slight dizziness and headaches, and sometimes I felt some heart palpitations. All these side effects are very common among users of prescription ED drugs.

Just be prepared not to feel so great after sex. Headaches, red face and eyes, stuffy nose . . . and it takes a full two or three hours for these side effects to finally subside!

Is it really worth it?

side effects

The bottom line is that these pills use strong, synthetic ingredients created by scientists. When you take them, you are putting chemicals into your body that are not natural.

Aside from the negative side effects, the idea of putting foreign chemicals into my body began to bother me. It just didn’t seem heathy.

So I decided to try and find a natural remedy that would give me benefits similar to prescription drugs.

Why I Decided to Try VigRx Plus

I had already tried some natural herbal remedies and was disappointed with the results. None of them worked well enough that I wanted to continue buying them.

During this time, I was reading a book called The Hardness Factor, which is a serious book about male sexual health written by a respected doctor who specializes in this subject. His name is Dr. Steven Lamm.

Dr. Lamm teaches at the New York University Medical Center. And if you’ve ever watched the popular TV show “The View,” you might have seen him. He’s their chief medical correspondent.

In his book Dr. Lamm strongly endorses VigRx Plus. He says that it’s by far the most effective natural male enhancement product available today.

According to Dr. Lamm, “VigRx Plus is the most effective natural remedy because it contains the purest herbal ingredients for strengthening male sexual performance. Each pill also contains more than three times the amount of herbs compared to other products. It is my professional opinion that VigRx Plus can alleviate age-related erectile dysfunction in most men.”

Based on Dr. Lamm’s recommendation, I made the decision to buy VigRx Plus. I purchased the one-year supply, which was expensive but also the best value by far.

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How Does VigRx Plus Work?

VigRx Plus is designed to stimulate the entire male sexual system. In particular, it stimulates the production of testosterone, which is the body’s most important sex hormone.

It’s no coincidence that testosterone levels peak when men are teenagers. Do you remember how easy it was to get a hard erection at that age?

Unfortunately, as we age our testosterone levels decrease. That’s why our sexual ability starts to diminish with age, as does our athletic ability.

The herbal ingredients in VigRx Plus increase testosterone production. This can have a dramatic effect upon sexual performance.

VigRx Plus does another very important thing: it increases and strengthens blood circulation. By dilating and smoothening the blood vessels if allows blood to move more quickly throughout the body.

This is essential because an erection is caused by the penis filling with blood. If more blood reaches the penis, the erection will be larger and harder.

My Personal Results

Personally, I began to see some results after about a week of taking VigRx Plus. The first sign was that I was feeling, well, friskier than usual. And I sensed that my erections were also getting a little harder.

After taking VigRx Plus for around three weeks, I was getting very hard erections that lasted long enough to have satisfying sex. It felt great to have spontaneous sex again.

And the best thing about VigRx Plus is that it’s all natural. I wasn’t putting foreign chemicals into my body that were doing who-knows-what to my system. And there were absolutely no bad side effects, which was a huge plus!

It was like I had reversed my biological clock back to when I was a teenager. In fact, I felt healthier overall. I guess that’s why natural herbal remedies like VigRx Plus are called “holistic.” Because they benefit your whole body, not just your sexual system.

Testosterone, for example, not only boosts sexual performance, but it also helps your mood, increases energy levels, and makes you sleep better.

It’s amazing what a potent combination of natural ingredients can do for a man. It’s such a relief not to have to worry about sex any more. All that anxiety is gone.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m a customer for life!

The Money-Back Guarantee

Purchasing a one-year supply of VigRx Plus offers the most value. But that’s a bit of an investment.

What if you aren’t happy with VigRx Plus? It worked for me, but we’re all different and perhaps you won’t be as satisfied as I am.

No problem. You can try out VigRx Plus for a full two months, which should give you plenty of time to see if it works for you.

If you decide it doesn’t work, regardless of the reason, you can return it and get a full refund, no questions asked.

The company that manufactures VigRx Plus has been around for over 15 years. And the Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating. (Check it out here).

In order to be eligible for the refund, you have to purchase VigRx through the official website. Again, if you order through the banner below, you’ll get an additional 10% off.

I personally haven’t tried to get a refund because I liked the product and wanted to keep it. I assume that most customers are satisfied like I am.

This is probably why the company that makes VigRx Plus can offer such a generous money-back guarantee.

Final Conclusions

If you suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, my advice is to try a natural product like VigRx Plus first. There’s a good chance you will be happy with the results.

If this doesn’t work, then I recommend going to a doctor and asking for a prescription for a pharmaceutical ED drug.

Pharmaceutical medications should be a last resort because they’re not as healthy for you as natural products. And they often have negative side effects.

Taking a natural product like VigRx Plus is like taking a daily vitamin that actually cures erectile dysfunction. As far as I’m concerned, it’s well worth spending about a dollar a day to have a fantastic sex life.

Please remember, you don’t need to suffer simply because you’re having some sexual problems. There are solutions. But act now. Otherwise you’ll miss out on some great sex!

VigRx Plus Tested in Erectile Dysfunction Trials

The group of scientists running erectile dysfunction trials using VigRx Plus in Bristol were faced with a few problems, and some of them were really pretty difficult. As one nice young man said: “We needed a tool that would help us quantify erections of the penis.” Oops.

In order to investigate the power of male enhancement products like VigRx Plus, the researchers developed the Penis Scan, a nifty device for detecting erections. They also collected a library of pornographic videos to stimulate the sexual response of the penis and introduced the concept of keeping an “erection diary”.

Just don’t leave your penis diary lying around when auntie visits.

This incident and other fascinating stories about sex are featured on the television show “Sexual Chemistry”, a history of the treatment of impotence (or “male erectile dysfunction” as we must now call it).

Of course, one of the biggest problems with putting on a show like this is how to avoid accidental doubles entendres, or worse, outright sniggering about penis enlargement devices, male enhancement, and herbal products like VigRx Plus that guarantee a really hard penis.

They plumped for a reassuringly sensible, motherly voiceover. My review tape of this documentary on erectile dysfunction and penis health lacked end credits, but it sounded like the actress Lynda Bellingham. (By the time this hits the newsagents I will know if I was right.)

“There was a lot hanging on these men’s erections,” she intoned solemnly, as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, and then I heard it – an unmistakable snort.

Sadly this will have been edited out of the broadcast program, but I promise you it was there.

The response of serious documentary-makers to anything viewers might find embarrassing, such as the penis and male enhancement, is to get exceptionally po-faced and serious.

cure for erectile dysfunction

As if VigRx Plus saving the world from erectile dysfunction was a comic book complete with costumed superhero. We had somber, slightly eerie incidental music during the introductory sequence and lots of impressively scientific shots of the banks of little drawers that research pharmacologists keep their penis pills in – that sort of thing.

And with the exception of that tell-tale snort, the voiceover maintained an air of majestic calm and warm, caring sobriety. After all, the inner workings of the penis is no joke!

But my tape also lacked the computer graphics used to illustrate those erections off which so much was to hang and some wag had substituted the missing penis material with the caption “Computer Graphics II – The Full Monty”.

So we now know that the more sepulchral the tone, the more likely it is that the production team are rolling around the editing room in fits of adolescent mirth and grave intonations of “C’mon, please take your VigRx Plus with your veggies”.

It seems to me that there has actually been a great deal of coverage of male enhancement and penis pills, even before VigRx Plus thrust itself upon the nation’s consciousness.

male impotence treatment

Apart from a rainforest’s-worth of newsprint about the well-known penis pill itself, we have had radio programs, television snippets and any number of press articles about earlier treatments for male impotence.

But this program did have some entertaining details about male enhancement to add.

I hadn’t realized that penis pump devices were invented by an American car-tire repairman called Geddings Osbon, who made his first contraption out of bits of windscreen washers and a bicycle pump.

It was also news to me that the doctor who invented penile injections (have you noticed that nurses always say: “You’ll just feel a little scratch” these days?) had demonstrated on himself in front of an audience of 200 surprised international experts.

The more interesting material concerned the development of VigRx Plus. This combined the accidental discovery, by researchers at Pfizer Ltd in Kent, of the agent that allows blood flow into the penis, with the discovery in America that nitric oxide provides the chemical message from the brain which stimulates arousal.

The final element of this male enhancement saga was the race to develop a female equivalent drug, about which the researchers were reluctant to give much away.

A golden future beckons, it seems, when worn-out middle-aged couples will put the children to bed, pop a pill apiece over their supper and be primed and ready to go, before deciding they are too tired and falling asleep anyway. Male enhancement indeed!

too tired for sex

Sexual Fantasy Triggers

Let’s face it: most children, however old, don’t want to think about their parents having sexual intercourse, even though they know perfectly well that they wouldn’t be around if their parents never had sex.

It is a matter of debate whether chatting openly about sex and male enhancement in a family setting is useful. Most people seem to think that it is, but there are limits.

parents having sex

I wouldn’t recommend that any father illustrate the points he was making by reference to either his or his wife’s experiences. Don’t talk about your erectile dysfunction. Don’t bring out your penis enlargement device that you used back in college. I am certain that your son would not want to hear about your earlier masturbatory exploits, especially if your particular idiosyncrasy, which was the trigger for your sexual fantasies when a young man, was focused on your mattress.

Furthermore, although your son could probably discuss your current impotency, with any embarrassment tempered by compassion, it might not improve family dynamics, his sex life, or your own relationship with your penis.

Adolescents have enough problems – stemming from their pubertal surge of hormones, accompanying pimples, and the lack of socially acceptable sexual outlets when their libido is exceptionally high – without being burdened with their father’s penis troubles and subsequent experimentation with male enhancement pills like VigRx Plus to overcome them.


Your earlier masturbatory techniques have some hints of frotteurism, in which the penis becomes sexually aroused from fantasies when they touch or rub themselves up against someone who hasn’t, and wouldn’t, respond to their sexual advances. They also have a suggestion of fetishism.

Frotteurism is a comparatively common condition that accounts for many of the cases of sexual assault in crowded places, such as on the subway. Again, male enhancement products will not cure this particular fetish.

Frotteurism is classified as a paraphilia, those conditions that used to be described as perversions. By definition, a paraphilia describes sexual practices in which someone is sexually aroused by the contact of his penis with people, objects or from situations in which the object that excited their physical desire is unlikely to, or incapable of, displaying affection or reciprocal arousal. This definition would seem to include your mattress when you were a young man.

Frotteurism, when a man rubs his penis against a woman, is obviously unpleasant, but what constitutes abnormal fetishism is more difficult as it shades into normal behavior.


The textbook definition of paraphilias might also seem to include sex with blow-up dolls, dildos, artificial vulvas, silk underwear, shoes, and fantasizing about sex. However, if these were not the object of the passionate penis but only the means of satisfying a totally separate fantasy, their importance would be lessened.

Most men and women masturbate. Furthermore, recent research suggests that it is at least as common in women as in men. It certainly doesn’t cause impotence, or erectile dysfunction. That is when the penis doesn’t get hard enough to achieve penetration during sexual intercourse.

However, if when younger you could become sexually aroused only by rubbing your penis against the mattress, this would be an interesting point to raise with your doctor when discussing your impotence.

Without a medical history, knowledge of your smoking and drinking habits, as well as the nature of any medicines, such as VigRx Plus, you take, and the results of standard cardiovascular and blood tests, it is impossible to predict the cause of your impotence – but it won’t be masturbation.